Like father, like son. Drew Tyndell, an artist working in Atlanta, Georgia, started out with graffiti, but his latest series of work clearly shows that growing up with an architect father has influenced him. Using different sized pieces of wood, Drew creates studies of beach and cabin homes. Impressive how the colours and structures add depth and a third dimension to the artworks. Check here for more variations!


Maven moved but we did not come far: from Adalbertstraße 4 to 9! Hello Muscle Temple, thanks for having us! (Yes, the new studio also has yellow-orangy window frames. You’ve got to stick to your principles!)


On our trip to South-Germany and especially at Lake Constance we saw a lot of beautiful inscriptions and signs. The technique is special: the names of places, maps and little drawings are carved into the walls and then painted, all in a typical traditional illustrative style.


»Monki!«, I’d say if you asked me for a fashion brand that uses a strong and unique visual language in its communication. Just think of their website, magazine, store interiors… And once more the Swedes show us how to maximize corporate consistency designwise: Stockholm based architect studio Electric Dreams recently completed the project »Fabricville«, which is the name of Monki’s (and Weekday’s) headquarter in Gothenburg. The corridors were transformed into a busy village street and the meeting rooms are colorful little cottages. You get carried away to Monki world, when you look at the pictures, don’t you? I really like the playful approach and story-telling of Monki’s creatives, but I was also relieved when I read that the people’s work places have »basic, neutral colour schemes«

Photos: Electric Dreams


We helped a Berlin-based group of architects with developing their brand and created a corporate identity. We chose to work with colours, something rather unusual amongst architects. We wanted to match the fresh attitude of the architects in question but most importantly we needed a way to make a clear distinction between the members of S3A, who not always act as a group but also as individual service providers.


Series are appealing to me: You start observing your environment in a new way when you are on to something, you discover patterns and you can collect – objects, photos, texts. So it is not surprising that I enjoyed the exhibition »In love, to:« by AFF Architects at DAZ. It is part of a series with three up-and-coming architect studios telling us about their inspiration, design processes and methodology – their »Formula X«, quite simply. AFF’s formula is influenced by objects and images from their past and present, things they love and like to surround themselves with.


I spent a day at the New Museum this winter. There is so much on display that you easily feel overwhelmed, so I found it helpful to concentrate on some beastly charming details…
By the way, there was no queue time at all, everything seemed back to normal after David Chipperfield’s much talked-about remodeling of the building.


You don’t always have to choose the sunny South to get a rewarding break from Berlin’s November rain. Last weekend I went to Helsinki and once more the city and its friendly inhabitants took me by storm. You get the Scandinavian feel but combined with an Eastern twist. The city’s architecture varies from cozy wooden suburbs to monumental soviet style buildings. Helsinki also offers great shopping with loads of design, both new and vintage (check out the Design District), unfortunately it was All Saints’ Day so we ended up with window shopping only. It is very convenient that most of Helsinki’s sights and places of interest are within walking distance, so we continued to the Kiasma museum to see an exhibition with the works of Damien Hirst and his British contemporaries. But to be honest, the thing I almost miss most when I leave Helsinki is the dark rye bread. You really should try this and other traditional Finnish food at Sea Horse, a snug restaurant with original wooden interior and wall paintings from the 1930s. Go for the real classics like crispy fried Baltic herrings or Scandinavian hash.
Hyvää ruokahalua/Enjoy your meal!


Looking for a new office space.


We are so proud of our friend Arne, who for his showroom not only managed to COLLECT some of the most interesting fashion labels from Berlin, but also to present them in an inspiring location. In the black concrete L40 building you feel as urban as it gets while watching at fashion right in the middle of the intersection of Tor- and Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse. Labels on display are Burkhardt / Möllmann, Esther Perbandt, Hien Le, Howitzweissbach, Juliaandben, Maiami, Mono.gramm, Starstyling, Tiedeken and Reality Studio, whose models arrived as »A moving Fashion show on bicycles«.